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Japan - Depart Wednesday, May 20th 2009

I am off. This will be my best entry because i imagine i will have less time later on… sorry you may suffer if you continue to read this.  To start I dislike blogs until i wrote this one, now they are great! Well, they may not be that great, but i think it will be fun to track my trip through japan, and may interest some other people. Actual it will only really interest me after i get back and jabber on and on about how great everything was. so that was the intro, if you can handle that, then you might be able read a little more, until you realize the waste of time.  I drove to the Albuquerque last night, stated up real late having dinner with joy and shaylia. Actually i had my last New Mexico cuisine some green chilie cheese fries from Kelly’s on central. I drank a few red bulls so i would be ‘EXTREME’ but it appears my tolerance for caffeine is getting pretty high. I plan to take pictures of the food i eat in japan and let you know how terrible and un-American it is. Hopefully in a Japanese context is should be awesome. Oh and work forgot to have a going away party for me! What is up with that? Instead we have a sit down meeting with HR and the bosses, and at no time did they bring in a cake or pizza. I made a list of presents to bring back from japan, so if you let me know, I will do my best. Since it is pretty quite in the airport, i will say the trip is going well so far. Back Pain level which will become promeninet in my future posts is at a 0. “Very Nice” in my best Borat voice. And we will have to watch that movie Joy, it is funny and disturbing at the same time, much th same way i felt about Austin Powers. Time to get some air time in….