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Day 4 - Akihabara and a random temple and zoo

well we woke up late, went to the gas station got a new drink a coffee something, most of it was japanese and some numbers. It think they were the ounces, which the japanese have renamed milliliters. (ml). I liked akihabara, it was like vegas, if it had a flea market. I was hoping to see some super sweet technology, but really didn’t. What i did find was a 7 story electronics store with each floor being as big as a walmart. They must have had over 10,000 different phones. After looking at 15% i was happy to see mine was still number one (on the rich factor)  Most phones were flip ones and few touch-screens. I bought soup in a can, which is an akihabara specialty. It cost 3.00, but was served warm. I liked it. Did i mention it was raining a little?  We walked around a lot, finally ending up at the end of akihabara, which turned out to be a temple. By far the best picture op, and i took a lot of them there. I saw some girl shooting a bow and arrow, she was hot. there was a guy too, he sucked, but still could have put an arrow through my eye at 100 paces. They were wearing traditional dress, which was cool. That is a new goal of mine, get some pics of the traditional clothes. W went through the zoo (i think) and finally ate dinner at the 14th floor of a huge building. We had tempura, it was great. Then we said goodbye to Kyo, because she had to work. We took the subway home. After getting off it started to rain, which turned into a torrent! I was soaked ot he bone, my rain jacket failed. There must have been 2 inches an hour. Ugh it was crazy.