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Day One - Hotel (road sizes vary)

End of day one, Japan. Made it to the hotel, no way we could have ever driven, and the first time i have seen a huge bus pull a u-turn and somehow end up on a different road. The roads are SMALL. the cars for the most part are normal size if a not a huge perpensitity for smart cars and the like. The hotel has no internet access we can find. For fun I tried my phone to see if it would connect, no dice. I did get a picture of the money i have. In Japan  money i have nothing but 100s. The gift6 shop at the hotel took my 10, and didn’t want my 100. To be honest they looked the same to me. but when i say the same, i mean they looked like 100’s :) The tv is as great as i thought it would be. Very funny, apperantly they are making grosse food, and since i have no idea what they are mixing ir looks normal to me. Clear noodles boiled to a soup, the flower added, no problem! As a neojin, tey they are making horrible faces and great sounds effects. Well offically i am up to about 6am new mexico time with about 45 mins of sleep, so it is time to take a nap. I have no idea if i will wake up in time for check out, or if my phone will go off at the right time. I have it set to japan time, but as i mentioned no singnal here. Oh yeah, it is also HUMID! a little warm too. And yes i tried the toilet, at the airport and in the hotel room. The rumors are true. If you havent heard any rumors, then i will get some picures  with descriptions later. BED TIME! NITE NITE.