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day one - aireplane

i am on the plane, and it is now safe to say i should have experienced every emoton possible. from joy to madness. But all said and done, i expected to be much worse off. Right now my back is doing great, and the seats magically have enough room for me to sit for the past 8 hours. Yes, you read that correctly, it managed to distract myselft for the past 8 hours beofre falling victum to the inevitble mico-blogging. I have come to realize the lunch given to us was good, but man i cannot adiquatly describle the seaweed, and the horrble thinkgs it burned into my psyche. It, for all accounts, has a crunch that would not be defeated. Imagine the perfect potato chip crunch, which almost melts away after a momentary brilliant opposition to mastication, Vicotry easily forgotten as you chomp a second chip. Now imagine a green lettuce ancestor: seaweed. It had a ferice cruch which could be tolerated, if there was the reward of it desolving into a mushy nothing. But, oh no! No this dinosur of crunchy resistance! 100 times more cruchy than a potato chip, and never susceeding to your chewing attempts. Am i giving it a bad name? am i being unfair? Hell no! i woke up from a 2 hour nap, and 4 hours of flight to complaine about that stuff. It really has left me a little more afraid. Well maybe not afraid, but i will give it some props for harshing my gig. respect. We got two hours to go before we land, and the screen says it will be 5:30pm when we do so. One countering bounus, the stewartesses are suoper hot, and not in that lame, white guy likes an asian girl way. I am pretty sure they must have been the modles, that were on the commercial to promote the aireline. That or they still pratice the you must look hot discimponation, missing from the us airlines. Sometimes discrimination is not a bad thing, it just gets that bad wrap.  So backpain measure is unbeliveable still a zero. Did i mention i did not even take a pill beofre i started this morning, and i took off my back brace? And for those of you who think i am a delicate cripple; i am not. I am pretty healthy, and proabaly the best shape I have ever been in. In the past year i droped 30 pounds and wak 2 to 6 miles a day. I go to the gym 3 5 times a week. The reality is i ruptured a disc jan 07. I think i have some scar tissue reminding my most people to not, or should not walk around with a ruptured disc or good reason. you can be paralized. However being a byrne, which also means stubborn, i ignored this fact and walked it better.  Another thing worth mentioning is thye have tv here with 100’s of chanels, games (i took the learn japanese one) and music. I managed to watch Ink Heart, lame movie and one i don’t even want to look the name up of that had something to do with Friend, looly based on a global epedemic and time travle with a bittle reliious JC back fromt he dead action. All while the Firend guy wears a mask, return of the mummy meets mexican boxer style. I pause to wonder if i should take a picture or ‘borrow’ the tv guide… I think it is best to let that one fade away until the possible encounter on the return trip.