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Day Two -Train to Tokyo

Day two, Slept pretty good in the hotel. As expected about 10 percent of the people speek english well enough to get by. It was crital to getting our tickets for the JRail as neither Ben nor i understood a damn thing about the UFO looking ticker vendor. We wanted to transfer our suitcases to the hotel ahead of us, and tried to do that this morning at the front desk. The front desk told us to go to the convince store, which i attributed to them not speaking any English and thinking ‘luggage’ was some form of English meaning ‘I forgot my toothpaste’. Low and behold, that was not and actually true and the store did transfer luggage, I assumed ‘convenience’ was Japanese for ‘gas station’. The dumb American was wrong again. The transfer form was all in Japanese, and were could only decode ‘hotel name’ and what we thought was address and phone. we put in the information we could which probably left out our actual names resulting trouble for when the suit cases arrived in Tokyo. I was just happy my panta-mime performance for transfer luggage actually resulted in the correct form.

The train is on its way, so i am going to take a break to watch the scenery, otherwise i am not qualified to write on the JRail… :)