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Japan Trip - Day 1

Actually, I’m not sure which day this is.  We spent 19 hours from the time we got to the airport in Albuquerque until arriving in Narita, but the time zone changes mean it takes almost two days.  I believe that may have been one of the most uneventful flights I have ever taken.  Everything was on time, there was no turbulence, there were no crying babies, and the plane was half empty, so we got to stretch out a bit.  No matter how much you stretch out, though, that 12-hour segment from LAX to NRT is long.  At least we had 50 channels of movies to choose from (and no crying babies.  Did I mention that already?)

We arrived at Narita around 6pm local time.  In fact, we were about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Due to the swine flu scare, we had to sit and wait for another 45 minutes while the health inspectors came through the plane and checked everyone for flu symptoms.  Since I’m not quarantined, I assume everyone passed.  We found the right bus terminal and waited around for a while, then rode to the hotel.  We arrived in the hotel around 8pm, settled into the room, and then managed to stay up until 9.  I guess the jet lag doesn’t set in until tomorrow.