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My Very Own Made-up Recipes

When I cook something without using a recipe and it turns out unexpectedly well, I often forget what I did and can never recreate the dish again.  I think it’s time to fix that by writing down a few recipes and other adventures in cooking.  I may also document the occasional failure so that others may avoid learning the hard way.

I often don’t measure carefully, so consider all amounts as rough estimates unless otherwise specified.  You may also find it helpful to imagine a “or to taste” disclaimer at the end of most amounts.  I hope the instructions will be comprehensible to a moderately experienced cook, but I certainly haven’t included details for every step.  Please feel free to leave comments if you try making any of these and find that something critical is missing.

Final disclaimer: I will come back and freely modify recipes if subsequent experience produces better results, so be sure to print out a copy if you think the recipe is perfect as it’s written today.